We Need Religion Today!

 I’d like to post a quote I have used many times in lecturing and preaching about the need for a re-evaluation of the ancient religious traditions that foster (among other evils) divisionism between peoples on this planet. Earlier blogs have expressed how I feel about the ridiculous notion that warfare could or would be condoned if not actually championed by the Universal Force Of Life.

OK. Here’s the quote. It’s by Rabbi Alexander Feinsilver from his book, “The Search For Religious Maturity”.

“We need religion today … We need faith in God. But, our faith must be able to stand up under scrutiny. It must be able to weather the storm of doubt and despair. It must be able to stimulate and challenge us to nobler living. It must be able to transform us … and through us … the lives of mankind!”


Working for a religious renaissance and global spirituality


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