The feeding of 5,000

The ancient biblical writers cited many alleged miracles as “proof” of Jesus’s divinity. The reasoning was that Jesus had to be a divine personage … either a direct manifestation of the Universal Force of Life that initiated Creation, permeates Time & Space and drives the bus …or, in fact IS God, himself! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be instrumental in the forgiving of “sins”. “Sins”, of course being actions, omissions or thoughts that are displeasing to the Yahwist definition of God. This idea was demonstrated with miraculous tales such as bringing dead people back to life (Luke 7:11-17; Matt. 9:18-20; Mark 5: 21-43; Luke 8: 40-50 and John: 11:1-44); getting money out of the mouth of a fish (Matt. 17-24); walking on the water (Matt. 14: 22-33; John 6: 16-21) and curing blindness with spit (Mark 8: 23; John 9:6).

Pretty petty parlor tricks for an entity that allegedly could create billions of galaxies with a “word”; devise and engineer atomic structure and initiate intelligent self aware life forms with the capacity for creative imagination!

Yet, the “miracles” cited by the ancient biblical writers and early Christian proselytizers have been promoted for more than two thousand years to demonstrate Jesus’s divine powers which culminate in the power to forgive sins; save “sinners” from damnation to Hell and give them entree to the gates of Paradise. As a divine personage, himself, Jesus was in a position to make a deal with God. The deal was that he would offer himself as a sacrificial lamb and allow himself to be killed by human beings (at least, for three days) if God would reverse his curse for original sin … perpetrated by two mythical beings (Adam & Eve) who never existed in the first place.

God said, “OK.” to this.

This story has been drummed into the malleable minds of billions of kids through Sunday Schools since the days of the Roman Empire! It has been used to brainwash them into becoming victims of a spiritually damaging mind-set that fosters guilt, fear, anxiety and frustration (you can never be sure that you’re good enough) and marshaled millions on millions of believers into the self serving institution of the church. Organized religion, which I believe was the very thing Yeshua bar Yosef of Nazareth, the man behind the legend, was originally preaching against.

Having said that, let’s take a look at one of his most spectacular miracles: The feeding of 5,000 men plus the families that were with them! Women and children.

What a picture! Here, we have a pastoral scene. Jesus, standing on a hill top and preaching to this enormous crowd who followed him from nearby towns and villages. That’s a lot of people! How much space would 5000 people occupy? Well, if they weren’t actually breathing down each other’s neck, you could arguably allow a five by five foot space for each man, averaging some with a wife and kid or two, some single.

That would be a five by five space multiplied by 5000! Or 25 square feet times 5000.= 125,000 square feet! Compare that to the size of a football field. A football field (including the end zones) is 57,240 square feet. (You can look it up on Google). If you divide 125,000 square feet by 57,240 you get 2.18!

Jesus would have been preaching to a crowd occupying more space than two whole football fields! Actually hearing him speak from such distances would have been a bigger miracle than getting the food.

But, according to the story, they did get the food. Multiplied from five loaves of bread and two fish. Now, if you do a simple time and motion study, you will see that the action of breaking off a piece of bread, blessing it, putting it in a basket that presumably was held by one of the disciples then, breaking off a piece of fish, blessing it and putting that in the basket, too, … you will see that the best Jesus could do (with a certain amount of divine decorum) was about five helpings a minute. Non-stop! Multiply that times 1,000 for the men and, say, another 1,000 for women and children and you get about 2,000 minutes of non-stop breaking bread / blessing it/breaking fish  /blessing it and putting the snack in a basket. 2,000 minutes! If you divide 2,000 by 60 to get hours, the answer is 33.33 hours! Not counting the time it would take the disciples to carry all those baskets full of fish and bread around an area the size of two football fields after the crowd had been divided up into convenient groups of about fifty people each. If you divide 33.33 hours by 24 to get the amount of days, the answer is 1.38 days!

So, the bottom line is that (according to this “miracle”) rather than walk a couple of hours back to town, 5,000 men plus their families would rather hang around in an open field for one and a half days just to get a free fish sandwich!.

Why am I debunking the bible?

The bottom line in the bible is that the world is populated by people who are displeasing to God (the Universal Force of Life) because of their God-given human nature. (Original sin.) They need to be “saved” through redemption by a self-sacrificing God-man who’s divinity is “proved” by preposterous legends like the feeding of 5,000 mentioned above.  This notion, in my opinion, discounts and negates the actual premise that the man, the unsung hero, the religious reformer,  Yeshua bar Yosef of Nazareth, risked his life and was executed for:-  Freedom from the self serving interests of organized religious institutions like the Temple of Jerusalem with its hierarchy of Sadducees, Pharisees, scribes and temple tax collectors. The organization that put real spiritual expression and cosmic communion beyond the reach of the common man unless, of course, he subscribed to temple rules, procedures and payments. This attitude carries over even up to today.

As spiritually evolving beings in the cosmic scheme of things, we need to move forward and that can not happen until we see the error of looking backward.


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